Life in Halls

Xenia Social Life

From the moment you move into Xenia there will be plenty of opportunities to join, engage and socialise in activities in Xenia. All the events are either free or heavily subsidised by the hall amenities fund.  As a Xenia resident you contribute to the hall amenities fund and have a say in the events that we run. There are regular hall committee meetings where you can contribute your ideas to what events we run, and we encourage you take part in these and have your say.


All Xenia residents are required to register for Xenia in eHalls, a system that we use locally to prepare for your arrival and make life in halls easier for you. Be sure to print the arrivals document generated by eHalls after you complete the registration, and bring it with you when you arrive to check-in (as well as the Key Collection Pass you will have received after completing the ‘Your Halls’ eInduction) and receive your keys. You are also required to upload your photo on eHalls as well as on the Student eService, for identification purposes within the hall.

You can contact Xenia wardens in person, via email or through eXenia for non-emergency situations, and of course via the duty phone 07764 352126 when the matter is urgent.