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The College has a wide range of support services. Starting in Halls, you have the Wardening Team , you can approach us at any time and share your concerns, thoughts, ideas. In your department, you will be assigned at least one Tutor, and the department will have a Senior Tutor and a Directory of Studies and Head of Department. The NHS College Healthcentre works closely with the support services within the College, namely theDisability Advisory Service, the College Tutors and the Counselling Service. The Union (ICU, not its constituent unions - CGCU/ICSMSU/RCSU/RSMU) provides a trained advisor in its Advice Centre.

There are also a number of logistical support services, such as the Student Hub and Registry.

Where should I go?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends very much on your exact situation, and who you feel most comfortable talking to. No-one will force you to go to a specific service; it is completely up to you. The Wardening Team will be available any time you need to discuss any issue you may be having, and to advise you on a possible route of action, and to try help (if you wish) remedy any situation. You can, of course, go straight to any internal College or external Charity support service without going through the Wardening team too. It is completely up to you. Google "support services Imperial College" to find out lots and lots of information from across the College: this page is only the beginning.

If you do need any help, please do get in touch with the Wardening Team. Confidentiality is maintained across the team and we will only contact other services across the College if you ask us to.

Student Counselling Service

Email or phone to arrange an appointment, you will be offered the next available time that suits you. This service is confidential. Can go to counselling for a range of issues including but not restricted to mental health, relationship difficulties, bereavement, sexuality etc. Counselling also offer occasional workshops on subjects such as stress management and self-esteem
Website –
Email –
Telephone – 020 7594 9637

SU Advice Centre

Imperial College Union Advice Service is a free, confidential, non-judgemental and independent service for all students studying at Imperial College. If you are experiencing a problem with your studies, your halls or you are looking to make a complaint against the College – the Advice Service is here to help. If we are unable to advise you with your query, we can point you in the right direction. Our advice Caseworkers can signpost you to the relevant service or organisation. Additionally, if you are a student facing financial hardship and are finding it difficult to afford food, the Advice Service can issue you a food bank voucher. Contact or go to

Imperial College Health Centre

Phone or in person to book an appointment with a GP. This service is confidential. GP can give medical diagnosis and offer treatment as they see fit. One treatment that can be provided is counselling (needs referral from GP)
Website –
Email –
Telephone – 020 7584 6301


Faith related issues. Free mindfulness sessions (non-religious) every Tuesday, 13:05-13:50. Religious meditation also available. Check website for more information
Website –
Email –
Telephone – 020 7594 9600

Disability Advisory Service

Encouraged to contact initially through email. Also have online booking form. Can guide you to additional help. There are also departmental disability officers who can help
Website –
Email –
Telephone – 020 7594 9755

Personal Tutors

Personal and senior tutor within each department are first point of call. You can also contact one of the college tutors to discuss any academic or welfare issues

Student Hub

Can help with enquiries about many aspects of university life. Provides information about services available to students
Website –
Email –
Telephone – 020 7594 9444

Student Support Fund

Can provide emergency financial help if you have a sudden change in circumstances. Please visit the website for full details and application form
Website –

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Safety and Security

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Imperial Numbers

Security 0207 589 1000 or x91000 (emergencies: x4444)
Health Center 0207 594 9375/6 or x49375/6
On-call Doctor 0207 584 6301
Dentist 0207 589 6623 or x96623
NHS Direct 0845 4647
Meningitis Helpline 0145 441 3344
Nightline 0207 436 5561
Samaritans 0345 90 90 90
Rape Crises 0207 837 1600
IC Sports Centre 0207 594 8961 or x48961
Union Office 0207 594 8060 or x48060
Union Advisor 0207 594 8067 or x48067
Student Counsellor 0207 594 9430 or x49430