Contact the Wardens

There are multiple ways to get in contact with the Wardening team. There is always someone on duty, even during the holidays, from the start of term 1 to the end of term 3. Duty hours are 6pm to 8am during the week, and all day on weekends and holidays (including bank holidays).

Emergencies or Urgent Requests

Incidents that require an immediate response (a noise complaint, a leak, security alert etc), please call the Duty Phone, 07764 352126, during non-office hours i.e. when the reception is closed. The duty phone should only be used for emergencies only (when you require an immediate response).

Non-urgent Requests

Alternatively, if it is not urgent, you can gave a chat with with us if you see us around Xenia, come knock on one of our doors, or send us an email.

Lockouts are not an emergency. If you are locked out during office hours on a weekday go to reception and ask them to let you in. Before midnight you should call the duty mobile. After midnight you should call security.

Duty Rota