Take a Visual Tour of Xenia

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Xenia provides accommodation for 150 students, in a mixture of single ensuite, single and twin rooms. Each room has the essentials: bed (with drawers for storage underneath), desk, chair and shelves.

Toasters, freezers, kettles, heaters, cooking devices, shishas and the like are forbidden in the bedrooms, by order of the College Fire Officer. This rule is strictly enforced, and prohibited items confiscated and/or further disciplinary measures.

Xenia is a non-smoking hall. Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the hall, including outside spaces and bedrooms.


Kitchen Each student has access to a nearby kitchen with individual cupboards and shared fridge and freezer spaces. In addition, all kitchens are equipped with cookers, microwaves, toasters and kettles. Each room is assigned a kitchen and you will be given an entry code to access your kitchen. All residents have their own cupboard (and key) and buy their own food and utensils. It is a good idea to label food in fridges / freezers and to throw away out-of-date food. We deal severely with food thefts, so ask before you borrow.

Please be considerate to residents living near kitchens and keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 8am. Please do your best to keep them clean: it is not a cleaner’s responsibility to do your washing up and clearing away.


All standard rooms have access to shared bath and shower rooms. Please leave them in the same state you would wish to find them. En-suite rooms have their own facilities.

Common Rooms

facilitiesXenia has excellent common space for the students to socialise and to hold Hall events.
A spacious internal courtyard is a great outdoor space to relax, read, spend time with friends and enjoy the BBQs that will be organised by the Xenia Team.
For the less sunny days, there are plenty of indoor options.
For example, the Student Lounge on the Ground Floor is a homely living room with an awesome flat-screen TV. There is also a SKY room on the Courtyard Level to catch all the sports action. For special occasions, a Conference room with a projection system is also available.

If you find yourself thinking: “Ooooh, now I remember the other reason why I came to Imperial… I’m meant to be studying for a degree!”, you will also find common Study Rooms on every floor. They’re a great place to study quietly or with friends.


The laundry facilities are situated on the courtyard level and consist of a set of washing machines and tumble dryers. The smooth operation of the laundry requires a basic level of respect for other people’s clothes and the facilities available. It costs around £2.20 for a washing cycle (35 minuets) and around £1.50 for a drying cycle (50 minutes). Prices can vary slightly as the machines are operated by Circuit Laundry.

Laundry Etiquette

  • Remove washing from the laundry as soon as your cycle has finished.
  • Items left behind will be removed and given to charity on a regular basis.
  • When removing other people’s laundry from a machine:
    • Please make sure their cycle has finished. If the clothes are still damp, please re-activate the dryer on the same setting.
    • Please place the items in one of the bins provided. This will keep them clean and the laundry tidy.
  • Try to do your laundry during a weekday as the weekend is busier.
  • If a machine appears to be broken report it to Hall Management or a Senior or Warden.

Telephones & Internet

Internal calls within Xenia are free of charge. Credit to use the phone for external calls can be purchased from the Reception desk.
Internet is provided by Ask4. Wired connections are available in all the rooms and there is wifi in the common areas.


Everyone has a mailbox on the Ground floor. If you receive a parcel it will be held at Reception, and a slip informing you to collect it will be placed in your mailbox. Any parcels that haven’t been collected after 10 days will be returned to sender.

Your address in Hall is:
Your name and room number
Xenia, 2 Secker Street
Waterloo, London, SE1 8UF.