Who is my roommate?

If you go to the Xenia Hall directory in eXenia and type your room number, your room-mates name will be there. If it does not show up yet, it is because they have yet to register with eXenia. NOTE that this year only single-occupancy rooms are available.

What is eXenia?

eXenia is a helpful online platform that you will need to register on in order to get your room. Throughout the year you will also be able to use it to register any defects and welfare concerns you might have.

What am I supposed to do about bedding?

If you cannot bring bedding with you, then there are several easy options. Imperial College recommends that you order some through UniKitOut (see here for details) prior to your arrival. If you do not find this option suitable, there are several stores from which you can buy bedding that can be reached via walking or public transit.

Does Xenia Hall have WiFi?

WiFi is available everywhere on the premises: bedrooms, kitchens, common rooms, etc. Additionally, there are Ethernet ports in all bedrooms.

What if I arrive earlier than the designated move in day?

Unfortunately, you cannot move in to Xenia Hall before the first designated move in day (19th September 2020). There are multiple private accommodation providers and hotels around Xenia in which you can stay. There may be other halls that can provide temporary accommodation to early arrivals. Contact the accommodation office for more information.

Can I send parcels to Xenia Hall before moving-in?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept parcels before moving-in, and any delivered parcels will be returned to the sender. The only exception is parcels from companies that sell university start-up kits, but these should be delivered for 19th September.